The Wandering Eye
Spectacular sights and adventures around Vancouver, British Columbia, and beyond.

David and Janine at Parksville Beach on Vancouver Island
At the age of 18, Janine backpacked through the Middle East, cycled through Asia and the South Pacific, and scampered about Europe. Since then, she's camped through Iceland, motorcycled in Colombia, and visited a plethora of overseas locales. She's an internationally published author who, in researching a vague idea for a book about dragons 7-ish years ago, somehow become a licensed pilot. As an accredited Radio Operator's Certificate examiner for Industry Canada, she's taught many Airtime Canada classes using aviation as a motivational tool (if she can become a pilot, anyone can.) Her author website is:
David has been flying general aviation airplanes for 35 years around Vancouver's Lower Mainland and in such diverse places as Ontario, the USA, England, Germany, and even in Israel and Jordan. In 2013, he won the Amelia Earhart Award of Merit in recognition of his philanthropic program, Airtime Canada, which uses aviation to help troubled youth develop self-esteem, leadership skills, and responsibility. When not strapped to a pair of wings, David has enjoyed a medley of unique careers, such as aerial and glamour photography, air traffic control, and systems engineering for the transportation security industry in North America and water-slide parks internationally (both of which are, if one really thinks hard about it, somewhat similar).
Janine and David have almost outdone Carol and Mike Brady, with their 5 kids, one dog, and a fish that refuses to die.